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"With over 18 years of experience teaching Pilates under my belt, I know how to push gracefully, support your growth, and inspire you to unleash your inner athlete!"


Brook's Philosophy



I consider myself lucky to be in the business of making people healthier, leaner, stronger, more flexible, and happier. There is a powerful athlete in all of us and I believe that it is my job to cultivate that.

The beauty of Pilates is that it has the power to transform people. Pilates can make over your body and change your mindset. I often hear clients say, “I don’t think I have it in me today. It’s been a rough week.” This is when I feel that I am most effective by integrating mind, body, and soul into every session. I tell my clients to bring it all in with them. I am here to be a consistent positive voice for even the toughest of days, to give you that last bit of strength right when you need it while respecting your body, your emotions, and your experiences. I recognize that doing your best is ever changing. I push you to your fullest potential while being respectful to your experience and kind to your vessel. That begins with positive affirmations, setting goals, and achieving them.  


Massive change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a series of small steps in the right direction that change your life. After careful assessment of your  individual needs, I  will craft a workout that is challenging, brings you a sense of calm focus, and guides you to push through your limitations. It will be as challenging as enjoyable. My diverse background in martial arts, dance, parkour and acrobatics has given me a breadth of  movement vocabulary to push your workout to the next level. My wellness coaching gives you the skills to practice these tools outside the Pilates room and maximize their impact.


My goal at each session is to make you feel lighter, stronger, and happier than when you arrived.  My clients often tell me that my voice stays with them throughout the week, long after our session, encouraging good posture, lightness on their feet, standing in their power and wearing a smile on their face. That is the greatest compliment to me. I am honored to be that voice.


About Brook

about brook

Brook Notary is one of NYC’s most renowned instructors, specializing in the Pilates Method. She has had the privilege of teaching Pilates for the past 18 years. Certified by celebrity teacher Rael Isacowitz with continued training from master teacher Kathy Grant, Brook can share knowledge she has gained from the best.

As a professional choreographer, aerialist, dancer, and athlete, Brook understands the body, it’s abilities, and it’s limitations from experience. She was a cast member of the hit aerial Off- Broadway show, De La Gurada,  was a nationally ranked competitive rhythmic gymnast, toured the US as an acrobat with Cirque, choreographed for high profile music artists such as Usher, and received her MFA on full scholarship at Tisch School of the Arts. 


This diverse background informs her nurturing yet “tough love” athletic approach that has created extraordinary results in her clients, many of whom have been with her for over 12 years. Brook’s clients come to her with issues ranging from rehabilitation, weight loss, heart conditions, diabetes, MS, depression, strengthening goals, and overall body maintenance needs. What excites Brook most, is how different every body is.  Brook’s clients include everyone from pro athletes and high profile celebrities, to weekend warriors and silver sneakers, making her well versed in every client’s  needs. “It is a true joy for me to make discoveries and change with every client inspiring wellness no matter what age or skill level.”




Private pilates session

1 Hour 

5 Pack available 

10 Pack*available

20 Pack available

(Must be applied 2-3 times per week) 



1 Hour 

10 Pack available 

* 4 month expiration for all 10 packs



30 Minutes 


A hands-on stretch and fascia release to lengthen muscles, release stress, reduce pain, and eliminate toxins. 

"If you exprerience any sort of stress in your life this 30 min stretch session is a life changer. Brook has unreal touch and knows the body.  Brook is my body mind and spirit guru. " 

-Eric. Client 4 years




1 Hour sessions

10 Packs available

(Private Only)

"I have no doubt that the program Brook created for me helped me have a speedy delivery and incredibly quick recovery!"

- Jessica, Client 8 years


Wellness coaching



Each 30-minute private counseling session will provide a two-week plan for ultimate nutrition, home workouts, and mindset coaching that will help transform your life and put you into high gear. 


Every session purchased also includes three weekly check ins via phone or Skype

"Brook's wellness coaching helped me blast through my fitness goals by keeping me on track and giving me the tools I  needed to stay focused."

- Leila, Client 3 years

on-line and



skype session

1 Hour 

or 30 min. 


in-home session

1 Hour 



"I love this. I can even take Brook with me on vacation. Consistency is everything and she is just as inspiring from afar!" 

-Anna, Client 11 years

Myths About Pilates

8 myths about pilates


While the goal of uniting body and mind may be the same in both techniques, their methods for getting there are quite different. For example, yoga and Pilates approach movement differently, have different breathing styles and utilize very different exercises — although there are some overlaps in their movements. In contrast to yoga, Pilates offers more than just mat-based work; Joseph Pilates invented several pieces of equipment (such as the reformer, cadillac, tower, barrel and more) in the early 1900s that are still used today.




Pilates is only easy if you aren’t doing the exercises properly.  This is why it is so important to have an expert closely watching your form and coaching you to get the most out of each exercise.



If you are going through the motions without applying the principles of control, centering, concentration and precision, it may feel easy — but you are not really doing Pilates. Under the right guidance, the exercises should be challenging and rejuvenating for all fitness levels.  Because the exercises engage the deepest core muscles, you need to be guided to do them properly to get the most benefit. 



Pilates can be very humbling, even for people who are in good shape.  Many other forms of exercise do not engage the deep core muscles in the same way that Pilates does.  A good Pilates session will include instruction for every level of fitness and a breakdown of how to properly perform the movements for your body.

As someone who has personally suffered through back pain and growing up wearing a back brace, I understand the fear and pain that can come with having a chronic injury. Unlike many workouts that either fail to challenge you or can worsen pain, Pilates offers a path to strengthen and rehabilitate your body in a safe and controlled way. Every movement in a Pilates workout has been specifically developed to support your body in a way that promotes wellness, rehabilitates your body, and prevents injury. 



Joseph Pilates invented several pieces of exercise equipment to enhance the mat-based program, but you don’t need any equipment to do Pilates. Mat Pilates sessions are a great and easy way to get an effective Pilates workout for your whole body. 



While Pilates does build core strength, Joseph Pilates always emphasized that his exercises were for the whole body.  He believed the more muscles you use to perform a movement, the more efficient the movement would be.  This creates a system of functional strength that applies to all movements.  The Pilates system teaches a balance of strength and flexibility, or, “the uniform development of our bodies as a whole,” Pilates often said. This approach also helps lengthen your muscles, prevent injury, and support your body as a whole. 



Flexibility is an inherent part of Pilates training, so you will gain flexibility by doing Pilates regularly.  The exercises are geared towards improving flexibility for a more limber body with greater ranges of motion.  And for those people who are overly flexible, the core conditioning creates joint stability, so the goal is a balance of strength and flexibility. All exercises can be modified or adapted to suit each individual’s flexibility 



Pilates was originally started by a man, Joseph Pilates, and was initially designed for men.  Pilates himself was a boxer and circus performer, and he trained both Scotland Yard and the Hamburg Military Police in self-defense and physical training before coming to New York in 1926. Many dancers went to him for both physical rehabilitation and injury prevention. These days, more and more male sports teams are incorporating Pilates exercises into their cross-training programs. 

LeBron James, Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Brandin Cooks, Michael Campanaro & Chris Givensare just a small number of the many male Pro Athletes who use the Pilates Method to enhance their agility and sports performance. 



The Pilates Method will keep you healthy, reduce stress, increase flexibility and core strength to name a few of the benefits. It’s an investment in your health and your future by making you feel healthier and younger as you age. In my experience, once a week can help supplement your other physical activities. Pilates 2-3 times a week is enough to start seeing significant changes.


In addition to her work as a dedicated instructor, Brook has pioneered a new form of movement combining dance and acrobatics on the Cadillac, which she has coined  ACRO-PILATES. Here is a video of her practicing this innovative art form. 


Aerial Pilates
Play Video
Success Stories



“I came to Brook with a back injury. She not only healed my pain but reshaped my entire body.”

KAREN, Client 2 years


“Twice a week is the ticket with Brook. I’ve been a client of Brook’s for 9 years now. Every workout leaves me feeling challenged and stronger both mind and body.  She is my weekly medicine.” 

JON, Client 9 years


“Under Brook's guidance my body has been seriously transformed. I am leaner, stronger and more flexible than ever - something I never expected in my 50s! Brook's creative and personalized teaching method reflects her incredible knowledge of both Pilates and physiology. I feel every session is different, engaging, productive . . . and targeted to my specific needs that day!  It is that attention to detail and infectious positive attitude that keeps me going back!!”

MARGARET, Client 13 years


 "I move differently now. I stand taller and straighter now and can't believe I can do a 2 1/2 minute plank!   If 70 is the new 40, it’s due in great measure to my years with Brook.  And, if you’re older, or have specific skeletal issues, you can be assured that you will be working with a consummate professional that will take into account all your personal requirements."

PATTI, Client 12 years


“I am proud to say that I have been Brook’s Pilates Client for 10 years now.  Brook is always creative, has a way of making me smile through even the toughest workouts and is just a joy to work with. She has a magnetic personality and an uncanny sensitivity to my body’s needs. She never ceases to come up with new exercises and ways to improve my balance, strength, and flexibility. Brook is the best!”

 SUZANNE, Client 10 years


“Smart- check. Attentive- check. Patient- check. After I was diagnosed with a serious back condition, I searched carefully for the best professional in New York to help me alleviate the pain and what I found in Brook I had seen nowhere else. She is exceptional. Brook has improved my life in a way no other professional has ever done before. She respects the body and her client’s limits and yet pushes them to their max potential.”

ROSEANGELA, Client 11 years


“I began working with Brook a few years ago due to severe back pains and joint issues. As completely hopeless as I was, she gave me the confidence and willpower to regain my strength. Her persistence and ability to cater to my personal needs by creating a unique program for me, helped me reach my ultimate goals. I feel healthier, more active, alive and more willing than ever to try new things. I highly recommend Brook as she is not only an inspirational woman but an incredible instructor who never sees failure as an option!”

JESSICA, Client 8 years


“Brook’s technical knowledge and positive energy are unparalleled. After struggling with chronic back pain, Brook motivated and guided me in a safe and effective way that let me see immediate improvement without fear of pain or reinjury, helping me transform my life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Brook has done more for me than any of the countless doctors or physical therapists I have worked with. She makes working out a joy by bringing positivity and love for her craft to every session. She helps you see the possibilities and embrace your potential without limitations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brook to anyone without reservation!”

LEILA, Client 3 years


The Pilates Athlete NYC

Founder, Brook Notary



Manhattan- Midtown East 

226 East 54th st. suite 501

New York NY 10022


Brooklyn- Park Slope 

357 21st Street #3

Brooklyn NY 11215


Tel: 917-776-3658

Can't wait to meet you! 

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